Creating Book Series

Interrobang is the creative partnership between blockbuster publisher Hilary Rogers and entrepreneur and writer Josh Lefers.

We specialise in creating irresistible series for children and young adults. We draw on a pool of super-talented writers, illustrators and designers to develop projects we really, really love – that also have strong commercial potential. 

And what’s the significance of our name, Interrobang? The Interrobang (‽) is the non-standard punctuation mark that indicates a question expressed in an exclamatory manner, as in, ‘Don’t you love it‽’ It combines the functions of the question mark and the exclamation mark (known in typesetting circles as a ‘bang’). We think it’s the most fabulous of all the punctuation points.

This is us

Hilary Rogers

is one of Australia’s most successful children’s and young adult book publishers. She has developed and published many of Australia’s beloved children’s books, selling more than 8 million copies just across her biggest three series Billie B Brown, Zac Power and Go Girl. Rogers is the author of the Girltopia trilogy (Scholastic, Sept 2018), and co-author of The Frooties (Scholastic).

Described by The Age as the ‘creative everywhere man’,

Josh Lefers

is an entrepreneur and founder of (something like) 18 companies across advertising and digital marketing, clubs and restaurants, film and TV. More importantly, as the creative producer behind Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest events, Lefers has helped slime tens of thousands of kids. He is the author of the Hectic Electric series (Hardie Grant Egmont) and co-author of The Frooties (Scholastic).

Some of our series


by Hilary Rogers
(Scholastic, Sept 2018)

Books 2 & 3 coming in 2019 For girls 9+

The Frooties

by Hil & Joshie, drawn by Pete
(Scholastic, Aug 2018)

For kids 5 to 105

Hectic Electric

by Joshie Lefers (Hardie Grant Egmont)

For kids 6+

Coming Soon


by Chrissie Perry
(Scholastic, Feb 2019)

For girls 7+

Dessert Island

by Meredith Badger
(Scholastic, May 2019)

For girls 7+

Le Fart Detective

by Joshie Lefers
(Scholastic, Sept 2019)

For kids 8+